Library and Information Science Education

The University of Mindanao Experience


  • Brigida Bacani University of Mindanao


Library education, Information science, Library and Information Science, Bachelor of Library and Information Science, Master of Library and Information Science, LIS curriculum, Library and information science education, Library education and training, Philippines


The University of Mindanao’s quest for excellence and total quality education inspired the library and information science (LIS) faculty to keep LIS education viable, ensuring that the students are equipped with the necessary skills to build supportive and broad information services that will address the needs of the new learning environment. The LIS Program envisions to be the Center of Excellence in the instruction, research, and extension programs for globally competitive information and knowledge workers in the Philippines, South-East Asian Region, and the world. The Program is committed to deliver excellent, innovative, and high-quality education and training to information professionals; create new knowledge, skills, and relevant technologies; and provide services to society.




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